Get Eaten by a Shark in Sharknado 2: The Second One

Sharknado ContestSharknado 2: The Second One will be shooting in New York City soon, and MTI Home Video & The Asylum are teaming up with Family Video to offer you a chance to win a trip to the set and a cameo in the film!

There are 3 ways to win:

1) Take a “Getting Eaten by a Shark” photo. Get creative! Show us why you should appear in “Sharknado 2: The Second One.” Feel free to use your photo editing and makeup skills. Then, post your photo on your Twitter or Instagram account (must be public) and tag it with:

  • #Sharknado2GetEaten
  • @FamilyVideo
  • @SharkNadoFilm

2) Rent Sharknado on DVD or Blu-Ray from Family Video. When you rent it, you’re automatically entered to win! (You must have a valid Family Video account to enter. Family Video accounts are free.)

3) Buy Sharknado on DVD or Blu-Ray from Order the first Sharknado movie from Family Video either online or in the store, and you’re automatically entered to win!

Click here for full official rules and contest guidelines.

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Return of Joe Rich Clips

We’ve posted a playlist of three clips from The Return of Joe Rich on YouTube. Have a look:

Be sure to check it out on RedBox on August 27th!

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More Hulu!

To go along with the other movies we’ve got on Hulu, Killer by Nature, starring Armand Assante and Ron Perlman, has been posted. Check it out here:

Killer by Nature

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The Return of Joe Rich Now Available

The Return of Joe Rich is now available for purchase on DVD! In addition to the trailer above, we have some stills available on Pinterest and Facebook if you haven’t seen them already.

You can pick up the movie at the following locations:

Amazon | Blockbuster | Barnes & Noble
Best Buy | Family Video | CD Universe

Reviews, interviews, and additional links are here on the movie’s blog page.

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Afghan Knights Now Streaming

In addition to Hunted by Night below, Afghan Knights, starring Michael Madsen, is available to stream on Hulu as well.

Haunted by the fact that he left a man behind in Afghanistan, an ex Navy SEAL puts together a special task force to endure one last mission to save his comrade. But now his team has become victims to fallen Genghis Khan warriors from an ancient time. It’s ancient Mongol warfare against the most highly trained U.S. soldiers of fortune in a paranormal fight for survival.

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Hunted by Night on Hulu

Starring ‪‎Jencarlos Canela‬, Juan C. Bofill, Al Galvez, ‪‎Sonya Smith‬, Seth Gordon, and Gabriel Porras, Hunted by Night is a high-energy, action-packed film written, directed, and produced by Juan C. Bofill, renown martial artist and fight / stunt coordinator. It is also one of the first English-language action films starring major international Latin soap stars. Released on DVD January 31st, 2012, you can now stream it on Hulu!

In the Florida Everglades, three men on a hunting trip find bales of drugs just dropped from an airplane. The men must decide whether to be law-abiding citizens and report the drugs or take the drugs and sell them for millions of dollars. Their decisions will take them on spine-tingling confrontations with drug dealers who both outnumber… and outgun them.

More info, including links and trailers, is available on our official site:

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New Ferocious Pics Online

We’ve posted some stills from Ferocious, which you can view here on Pinterest as well as on our Facebook page! Repin and share! The movie is out on DVD October 1st.

Kim Coates in Ferocious Kim Coates in Ferocious

Be sure you also watch the interview with Kim Coates blow, where he talks about the film:

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Ferocious on DVD October 1st

Fans of Sons of Anarchy and Kim Coates: Look out! We’ve got a hot new movie coming out on DVD this October. Take a look at Ferocious:


Amanda Crew stars as Leigh Parrish, a successful actress on a trip home to visit her small town roots. While dodging the careful eye of her manager (Dustin Milligan), Leigh, steps out from the lights and cameras and into the shadows of her old life, confronting her unsavory past and ex-employer, Maurice (Kim Coates).


Amanda Crew

Kim Coates

Dustin Milligan

Michael Eklund

Katie Boland

Street Date: 10/01/2013

Rating: NR

Genre: Thriller

More info is available on the movie’s page here on the blog.

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Slip & FallSeptember 10th, 2013
Slip & Fall is now available on DVD!
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