Jennifer Boudinot Gets Into “Betrayed at 17”

No, she really gets into it.

A very in-depth review of Betrayed at 17 is up at Lifetime Movie Reviews. Here’s a taste…

“Betrayed at 17” is what we in the business* call a “new era” Lifetime movie–one that was made after 2006 or so and contains blandly attractive stars blandly acting out scripts that are just barely interesting enough to keep you in suspense. Being weened on the 90s Lifetime movies– where if a movie contains a murder, it contains five murders (and three affairs, at least one mistaken identity, and someone falling down the stairs)–I can’t stop believing that with each twist, something really interesting is about to happen. I just keep watching until finally, something sort of does. Usually it’s too little too late.

…and here’s the whole enchilada. A good, informative read. As always, let us know your thoughts.

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