Roger Ebert Passes at 70

Probably the most recognized movie critic in the history of the business has died. Reports are streaming in on Roger Ebert, succumbing to his long battle with cancer today at the age of 70.

I was just reading this morning on various sites (Variety was one of them, I think) on how he only planned to “slow down” a bit, that his site was relaunching next week, and his film festival was still a go, so despite knowing about his situation beforehand, this still shocked me quite a bit.

I didn’t always agree with his reviews, but there’s no question the man knew what he was doing, was an inspiration to many writers and journalists, and will be sorely, sorely missed today and in the future.


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2 comments on “Roger Ebert Passes at 70
  1. Tom says:

    A very sad day, indeed. I too loved reading his reviews, even though I differed in opinion on his stuff. I like to think that I was subtly influenced by his writing style (the dry wit, sarcasm and sometimes sharply critical approach to some reviews)….Too bad there’s really only Richard Roeper left. Or someone needs to show me another legend.

  2. I think another important thing that made him stand out more than other critics is not only was he a movie lover and knew his stuff, he was also a fantastic writer and journalist in just about all facets. Sort of a renaissance man in that entire arena, which from what I can tell these days, is really hard to find.

    Hey, if you find another legend, though — let me know! 😛 And I’ll do the same, hehe.

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