Jay Kanzler Talks “23 Minutes”

If you enjoyed 23 Minutes to Sunrise, we think you’ll like the interview we’ve posted with director Jay Kanzler. Find out a few things you didn’t know about the movie and the process behind the scenes as well as some info on Kanzler’s future projects. Check it out here.

At one point we were filming the dramatic finale. It was very late at night, and because of the nature of the scene, the cast and crew were a little on edge. In the scene, one of the characters is holding a woman hostage in the restaurant and threatening to kill her, tables are being turned over, and people are hiding behind the lunch counter in the restaurant. It is a very intense scene. During one take, Bob Zany poked his head above the lunch counter, looked into the camera, and improvised: “I’m sorry, I ordered a hot dog, not a hamburger.” It was very funny and probably just the break we needed to take at the moment.

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