Review Round Up

Mike over at MatchFlick has posted two new reviews of our July releases. Pre-order Assassins Tale and Fatal Call on Amazon and check out their pages on the blog here and here for more info.

Assassins Tale Blurb:

Assassins Tale Key ArtASSASSIN’S TALE, from the team of writer/director Arthur Louis Fuller, and co-writer Guy Garner (Anthony), is a complex, semi-linear tale of the seemingly invisible world Johnny Solo is explaining to his contact. Unknownst to all the players, the entire film revolves around this mysterious envelope of photographs that could ruin the reputation of the Mafia Don, and everyone is involved in its recovery and or destruction.

Full Review

Fatal Call Blurb:

Fatal Call Box ArtFATAL CALL, the Jack Snyder-written and directed thriller, and the latest entry in the MTI library, is a taut little tale, full of misdirection, double cross, and betrayal, with very little filler of extraneous story. […] The pieces all fit together, into a surprise that is hallmark of any decent thriller.

Full Review

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