Some New “Herbals” Links

Attack of the Herbals Poster & Bennett Campbell

We’ll do a quick round-up here of some new Attack of the Herbals info which has surfaced! First, Matt over at the Direct to Video Connoisseur has posted his review here. Here’s an excerpt:

It felt like a very earnest low-budget film, and it also felt like it was influenced by a lot of the older horror-comedy film makers I love. The first five minutes in the old Nazi compound were fantastic, and I had great expectations.

Ain’t It Cool News also has a review of the movie on their horror page.

Yes, this is a movie about a town that goes zombie because of Nazi tea. A ridiculous premise fully acknowledged by the filmmakers, but in doing so it makes for a damn entertaining film. Though you won’t see too many scares in ATTACK OF THE HERBALS, I guarantee lots of laughs, thick Scottish accents, and characters you’ll love to both love and hate. It’s a lighthearted romp, but a whole lot of fun.

Check out the full review here.

Finally, Herbals will be playing at the Deep Fried Film Festival later this year.

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