Tuesday Review Round-Up

The past week or so has brought some interesting reviews our way for Assassins Tale, Venom, and 23 Minutes to Sunrise.

First, we’ll take a look at Assassins.

The abundance of colorful characters, each with their own distinct characteristics and backgrounds, the different plot twists and turns and how everything played out were all things I appreciated with this film. — CriticNic

Check out Nic’s full review here.

Kevin Bachelder has also posted a spoiler-free review on his podcast The Fae Files, so be sure to check that out!

Matt at The Direct to Video Connoisseur looks at Venom here, and he also look into 23 Minutes to Sunrise:

Eric Roberts was definitely Eric Roberts here. He was just smoking cigarettes and chewing up scenery. It’s amazing, for someone who does so many films, that he doesn’t mail it in when he’s in a low-budget film like this, but he doesn’t. I think that’s what I love about Roberts, that he’s a consummate professional. Or maybe that he’s always Eric Roberts in every film, whether it’s this or The Expendables, it’s Eric Roberts. For fans of him, like myself, this definitely delivers, and in that respected I enjoyed it. — Matthew Poirier

Matt’s review is located here.

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