Top 10 Horror Film Vacation Spots

It’s that time of year again. Time to hitch the luggage to the roof of the family minivan and drive long distances to bond over the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, and the beach. Instead, why not take a look at a few alterative vacation spots featured in your favorite horror films. Because, after all, why should a little blood spoil a good time?

10. Woodsboro, California — The location of the violent murder of Maureen Prescott, Woodsboro is also home to several copycat killers with vendettas against the Prescott family. Legendary crime-author and reporter Gale Weathers got her start here, as well. So stop by to see where her controversial career began. Visit the Woodsboro Sheriff’s Department and get a personal tour from town hero Sheriff Dewey. Check out some of the locations that inspired the popular Stab franchise as well. But be careful, because there is always enough material for a sequel.

9. Amity Island, Maine — Are you a big fan of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week? Then Amity Island is the vacation spot for you. Known for not letting the public know of deadly shark attacks, the mayor and city council know that your beach experience will bring great income to the island. See countless ships come and go as they hunt down murderous sharks. As long as the water is shallow, though, you should be just fine.

8. Camp Arawak — It’s always hard to find a good summer camp that welcomes campers of all genders and orientations. The staff at Camp Arawak is very good at looking past things outside the norm. Just ask Angela, a camper of a mysterious and rather ambiguous identity. Friendships are sure to last here at Sleepaway Camp, so why not send your offspring here for a restful and fun summer. After all, Angela is there to look after them and make sure they’re fitting in properly.

7. Small Coastal Island in The Fog — With its hip radio station, this small island off the coast of California is the perfect destination for a calming stay to unwind after a tense week at the office. Come lounge in the mysterious fog that envelops the isle every night. Just be on the lookout for shadows in the fog donning a top hat and cane. Aside from the whole death by fog problem, this little island is a paradise for the overstressed.

6. Antarctica — Have you always wanted to take one of those much-talked-about Alaskan cruises? Well, why not take it a step further and go to Antarctica? Here, you can grow a very impressive beard and learn the proper way to conduct an alien autopsy. You might even get a glimpse of an elusive flying saucer. As long as you’re not possessed by a destructive alien life form, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll enjoy yourself.

5. Haddonfield, Illinois- Sure, Haddonfield heats up in the fall around a certain holiday, but why not pay the small town a visit in the non-murderous season. The clientele of Earl’s Bar might even invite you to join their gun-crazed posse and hunt down a violent psychopath (much like in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers). You can even visit the abandoned Myers house when you know a certain lunatic won’t be inhabiting it. Or will he? But be warned, the local law is not the best at apprehending suspected serial killers.

4. The Nostromo — While your trip may be sabotaged by a deranged android, a voyage on the Nostromo will promise an intense, deep sleep, the chance to respond to an alien distress call, and the opportunity to get some real “face time” with some foreign beings. The Nostromo is home to some of the most advanced scientific technology, as well, so you will be able to witness some genuine science experiments in action. Just watch out for those eggs!

3. Camp Crystal Lake — The crystal clear waters of this exclusive summer camp are enough to draw in the young adults. With the promise of intimate encounters, recreational drugs, and a multitude of alcoholic beverages, Camp Crystal Lake is beyond enticing. With all of this, it’s easy to look past the murderous history of the grounds. But as the teenagers in every Friday the 13th entry always do, why not just blow off the talk of Jason and his mother as nothing more than local superstition?

2. Freddy’s Dream World — Do you have a thing for red? Well, the dream world of Freddy Kruegger is the vacationing spot for you. The best part: no traveling is even required. Simply go to sleep, and hope that Freddy will vie for your soul. While some of the hot spots here are limited to a rather hot boiling room, the large house in Dream Warriors would be perfect for any large family.

1. Bates Motel — Traveling through Arizona and need a break from the heat? Stop by the family-owned Bates Motel. With its constant twelve vacancies, there is no need to book ahead. Cleanliness is important to the staff at the Bates Motel, as they even change the sheets when no one has used them. Owner’s son, and manager, Norman is there to help out in any way he can: making food for you, talking you out of theft, and even dressing up like his mother and killing you. The swamp out back, however, is one stop you do no not want to make.

With all of these fine options for a horrific trip this summer, it’s going to be difficult to choose which would be the most fun, or least deadly. Each practically ensures a grisly demise if you don’t adhere to the rules of horror film survival. But with so many climates listed, you’ll be hard pressed to not find a perfect vacation spot for you and your family.

For more horrific vacation ideas, check out the desert in Venom and the Sunrise Diner in 23 Minutes to Sunrise, both released by MTI Home Video.


I'm currently a Ph.D. candidate in the American Culture Studies program at BGSU. I love horror films, Jamie Lee Curtis, and the original Dark Shadows series.

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