Tuesday Reviews – 7/23/13

With Fatal Call out today, check out a brief review of the film here at We Are Movie Geeks.

Film noir. Femme fatale. American cinema has borrowed these expressions and made them into a unique style of storytelling all its own. The new thriller FATAL CALL relies on many of the conventions of these genres to tell its tale of greed, betrayal, lust, and phone calls. Shot in and around the bi-state region of St. Louis, Missouri, the film uses its location budget well with muted cinematography and shots of the cityscape giving it a Midwestern BLOOD SIMPLE vibe.

The Return of Joe Rich will be released on August 13th, and Tom Hyland at the blog Cinema Directives has some interesting thoughts to share on it.

The Return of Joe Rich is a unique film that takes some chances. After all the films about Italian gangsters in America over the past forty years, isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Finally, Assassins Tale has been receiving quite a bit of attention, 1nflux Magazine covering the movie in one of their latest reviews.

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