Slip & Fall Coming in September

We’re pleased to announce one of our newest titles, Slip & Fall, hitting the streets on DVD on September 10th, 2013!

Slip & Fall ArtSynopsis:

Danny’s parents are dead. He’s in a horrible relationship. His Grandma just spent his law school money on a massive satellite dish for their soon-to-be-foreclosed trailer. His miserable Dean won’t allow for another loan. Drowning in debt and unable to pay for his final semester, will Danny take a fall for his career?


Sam Cohan‬
War Games: At the End of the Day

William Forsythe‬
The Devil’s Rejects, Boardwalk Empire

Andrew Divoff‬
Air Force One, Wishmaster

Street Date: 09/10/2013

Rating: NR

Genre: Comedy

Check our official site for more info and our Facebook page for some production stills. And if you like to re-pin, check out the same stills on Pinterest and spread the word!

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Slip & FallSeptember 10th, 2013
Slip & Fall is now available on DVD!
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