Joe Rich and Cloned in This Week’s Reviews

Sam Witwer - Joe RichWe’re going to take two looks at The Return of Joe Rich this week. The first review is from Mike at Matchflick, which you can view here.

The story itself is told in first-person narrative, with Joe providing any exposition that’s needed. A novel addition to the narrative is a kind of “Greek Chorus” by ten former wiseguys, real gangsters who have lived long enough to tell the audience of “the good old days,” denouncing the “gangstas” of today who sell drugs and prey on their own kind, and wax poetically on the honor system of Old School Mob Morality.

The second review is from faithful direct-to-video reviewer Matt, who also has some noteworthy things to say:

…One area it felt like it was really delving into well, was the idea of the mafia as a legitimate career choice in the new economy, and what that means. We had the idea of the heartless banks taking people’s homes, and whether they’re not just a legal form of extortion from another mob…

Cloned Key ArtView some stills of Joe Rich here on our Facebook page, or re-pin some of them here on our Pinterest board.

A new Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles review is up as well, which you can view here, posted by and thanks to Drew.

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