Kevin J. Boyd

Kevin J. BoydI’m a film student here in the Miami, Florida area. I’m mostly interested in the pre- and post-production sides of the table, and I hope to get my certifications in the Adobe Production Suite, Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer.

If my personality comes out in any of these posts, which it damn well should, then I’m doing this right. You’ll see I like many different genres of movies, but I have a special affinity for science fiction. Despite that, however, I’ll watch and write for just about anything. Yes, sometimes it’s against my will (making my fiancee watch 2001 earned me about two hours in the theater watching Magic Mike with her), sometimes it’s part of my job, and a lot of the time it’s just because.

I love television and movies. Storytelling via these media is important, in the 21st century even more so than the 20th. Let’s be involved.


Fighting IrishGenerally, I am a sports writer. However, I am making a valiant attempt to write about movies. What could possibly be the connection? There is no connection. I simply like to write (plus every jock on Earth thinks they can write about sports). Gifted with a public education and a cynical personality, I only hope to watch good movies only to end up chopping them up to bits.

I like action, drama, comedy, and thrillers — in other words, there really aren’t any good movies out there unless I say there is. Peace in the Middle East with lots of McEncheez.