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Sunday, July 7, 2013—Kevin J. Boyd

Anna SilkAnna Silk is most popular for her role as Bo on the hit Syfy series Lost Girl, its fourth season currently in production. While the show is on hiatus, however, Lost Girl and Anna Silk fans can enjoy her new movie, Assassins Tale, hitting the streets in North America on July 9th, 2013. And — despite her busy schedule as an actress and now a proud Mommy — Anna was gracious enough to take some time to answer some of our questions here at MTI Home Video. Read on!

MTI: Congratulations to you and Seth on your new baby boy, Sam. How are you handling being new parents?

Anna: Thank you so much!  We are so thrilled and he is the best baby in the world — very mellow and happy and healthy.

MTI: You were born in New Brunswick and lived in Canada for most of your life.  What was it like moving to Los Angeles?  How was the transition?

Anna: Moving to Los Angeles was quite a different experience for me.  I have to say I love LA.  A lot of exciting things happened for me both personally and professionally when I moved there, and I definitely consider it home.  I love that I get to come back to Canada to work, and I get home to New Brunswick usually once or twice a year.

MTI: With season four of Lost Girl not airing on Syfy until next year, a lot of your fans might be going through withdrawal. How would you describe Assassins Tale to whet their appetites?

Assassins Tale Key ArtAnna: Working on Assassins Tale was such a great experience.  Arthur and Guy are wonderful people and very talented guys.  They brought a lot to the project and so did the cast and crew.  It was one of my first projects in LA, so that was also very exciting.  My character in it is different from Bo in a lot of ways, but there are some similarities as well.  Both of them feel like outsiders and manage to find a makeshift family with what they do and who they are.  I think fans will enjoy the film!

MTI: In Assassins Tale, you play the part of Grace, and in interviews elsewhere you’ve talked about your interest in The Closer, Prime Suspects, and other shows with strong female characters. Did that have any influence on your interest in the part or how you played it?

Anna: Definitely!  Grace is a strong woman and definitely living in a world that you don’t typically see a woman living in.  When I auditioned and got the part, I kept asking Arthur why he cast me, because before that I was certainly not seen as a tough girl and certainly not as an assassin!

MTI: How would you describe Grace as a character? What’s going on in her head throughout the movie?

Anna Silk - Assassins TaleAnna: Grace is tough.  She has been through a lot and keeps a lot of secrets.  She’s a survivor.  She is also sensitive, and that part of her shows through in the film.  All the characters in the film are dealing with a lot, and Grace is no exception.  She is also a character that has taken a part of her life that is painful and turned it into something powerful, for better or worse.

MTI: Michael Beach, Guy Garner, Rob Roy Fitzgarald, Gary Poux – a great ensemble cast. What was it like working with them?

Anna: Amazing!  A very talented and committed group of people.  Everyone brought their A-game, and it was fun being one of the only women in their club.

MTI: This is Arthur Louis Fuller’s directorial debut, and we think he did a great job. Is there anything you’d like to say about him?

Anna: Arthur is an exceptional talent.  He cared so much about this project, and when someone is leading you with that much passion, everyone rises to the occasion.  He is also a cool dude and we have stayed in touch, usually grabbing a coffee when I am home in LA.  He will continue to do great things and I would work with him again in a second.

Guy Garner and Michael BeachMTI: For you personally, what was your favorite, most memorable scene from the movie?

Anna: There were so many, honestly, but for me it’s when we are all on the rooftop, because it was our first day of filming and it was exciting for me to run around a Los Angeles rooftop with a fake gun — the scene just had a lot of energy to it.

MTI: Were there any outtakes – on- or off-camera – worth mentioning?

Anna: Well, there was one scene where I was in this really tight, sexy dress and had to get out of a small sports car that was super low to the ground.  Let’s just say that it didn’t go as smoothly as we had envisioned and I could not stop laughing. It was a funny night!

MTI: Aside from season four of Lost Girl, are there any other projects you’re working on or will be appearing in soon?

Anna: Lost Girl keeps me very busy!  And now so does new mommyhood, so other projects are on hold for a while.  But I am looking at stuff all the time and who knows what will be next?

Thanks, Anna, for taking the time for the interview!

Check out the trailer and second movie clip if you haven’t already, and be sure to order the movie on Amazon, look for it on RedBox, or pick it up at a local video store!

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