Attack of the Herbals


After years in exile, Jackson McGregor has returned to his grandparent’s home in Lobster Cove, a small Scottish village where the daily routine consists of eating, sleeping, fishing… and drinking tea. However, the locals way of life is under threat from a large corporate retail machine headed up by a monster named Bennett Campbell who wants to buy land for a new development… After discovering a mysterious crate of herbal tea washed up on shore, Jackson, along with his friend Russell hatch a plan to sell the tea and save the village. Unfortunately the new lease on life the tea seems to give the townspeople soon turns into a nightmare, and Jackson finds himself in a village of flesh-eating zombies!


Available for purchase and rental at the following locations:
Amazon | Blockbuster | NetFlix
The movie is also available through video-on-demand, so be sure to check your local cable provider for more info.




Slip & FallSeptember 10th, 2013
Slip & Fall is now available on DVD!
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