Attack of the Herbals Soon on RedBox Instant

One of our recent horror / comedy titles Attack of the Herbals will be streaming on RedBox Instant soon enough. And while here at MTI we’ve been looking to promote some movies in new way, why not start with this hilarious flick? Check out the promo below for some info and a clip of the movie:

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Joe Rich and Cloned in This Week’s Reviews

Sam Witwer - Joe RichWe’re going to take two looks at The Return of Joe Rich this week. The first review is from Mike at Matchflick, which you can view here.

The story itself is told in first-person narrative, with Joe providing any exposition that’s needed. A novel addition to the narrative is a kind of “Greek Chorus” by ten former wiseguys, real gangsters who have lived long enough to tell the audience of “the good old days,” denouncing the “gangstas” of today who sell drugs and prey on their own kind, and wax poetically on the honor system of Old School Mob Morality.

The second review is from faithful direct-to-video reviewer Matt, who also has some noteworthy things to say:

…One area it felt like it was really delving into well, was the idea of the mafia as a legitimate career choice in the new economy, and what that means. We had the idea of the heartless banks taking people’s homes, and whether they’re not just a legal form of extortion from another mob…

Cloned Key ArtView some stills of Joe Rich here on our Facebook page, or re-pin some of them here on our Pinterest board.

A new Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles review is up as well, which you can view here, posted by and thanks to Drew.

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Slip & Fall Coming in September

We’re pleased to announce one of our newest titles, Slip & Fall, hitting the streets on DVD on September 10th, 2013!

Slip & Fall ArtSynopsis:

Danny’s parents are dead. He’s in a horrible relationship. His Grandma just spent his law school money on a massive satellite dish for their soon-to-be-foreclosed trailer. His miserable Dean won’t allow for another loan. Drowning in debt and unable to pay for his final semester, will Danny take a fall for his career?


Sam Cohan‬
War Games: At the End of the Day

William Forsythe‬
The Devil’s Rejects, Boardwalk Empire

Andrew Divoff‬
Air Force One, Wishmaster

Street Date: 09/10/2013

Rating: NR

Genre: Comedy

Check our official site for more info and our Facebook page for some production stills. And if you like to re-pin, check out the same stills on Pinterest and spread the word!

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Tuesday Reviews – 7/23/13

With Fatal Call out today, check out a brief review of the film here at We Are Movie Geeks.

Film noir. Femme fatale. American cinema has borrowed these expressions and made them into a unique style of storytelling all its own. The new thriller FATAL CALL relies on many of the conventions of these genres to tell its tale of greed, betrayal, lust, and phone calls. Shot in and around the bi-state region of St. Louis, Missouri, the film uses its location budget well with muted cinematography and shots of the cityscape giving it a Midwestern BLOOD SIMPLE vibe.

The Return of Joe Rich will be released on August 13th, and Tom Hyland at the blog Cinema Directives has some interesting thoughts to share on it.

The Return of Joe Rich is a unique film that takes some chances. After all the films about Italian gangsters in America over the past forty years, isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Finally, Assassins Tale has been receiving quite a bit of attention, 1nflux Magazine covering the movie in one of their latest reviews.

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Fatal Call Now Available

Fatal Call Box ArtKevin Sorbo and Danielle Harris fans: Fatal Call is now available on DVD across North America. You can find it at Amazon, RedBox, Blockbuster, and Best Buy, as well as at your local video store.

Be sure to check out the movie’s official page as well as the blog page for more info, such as reviews and interviews!

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Bloomberg’s “Market Makers” Looks at Sharknado

Congratulations to MTI Home Video partner The Asylum for their recent success with Sharknado, with over 5,000 tweets per minute at one point, not to mention endless coverage through other venues, The movie and it’s viral success is discussed here on Bloomberg’s TV’s Market Makers.

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Tuesday Reviews

There’s three reviews worth looking at in this week’s round-up.

First up is Godforsaken, reviewed by Matt over at the Direct to Video Connoisseur.

The second review is of Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles from IndieJudge.

Finally, CriticNic has reviewed Kevin Sorbo, Jason London, and horror chick Danielle Harris’s latest flick Fatal Call, directed by Jack Snyder. A blurb:

Overall I had a really good time with this film. It got my attention from the beginning and kept me guessing throughout. The movie was really well put together and cast, and kept me entertained while also involved in the story. I’m not familiar with writer/director Jack Snyder’s previous work but I liked his style here. While there were a few things I was a bit disappointed by, I still appreciated this one for being a crime thriller than can be both entertaining and suspenseful.

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Assassins Tale + RedBox

Although Assassins Tale officially hit the streets last week, you can pick it up at RedBox starting today.

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Slip & FallSeptember 10th, 2013
Slip & Fall is now available on DVD!
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